Michael Cheung

Interior Design

George Henry Blvd

Complete demolition and rebuild of a single-family home.





Complete demolition and rebuild of a single-family detached home. The style of the home is a mixture of traditional and modern with many modern features incorporated within the traditional style of furnishing and design. Some of these features include: ceiling mounted Bluetooth speakers in common rooms, wifi-enable light switches, and smart-home thermostats and cameras, all which are smart home-assistant enabled. 

Applications used: AutoCAD, Sketchup 

Old School Rd

Renovation and Addition to existing property.


Addition of over 13,000 sqft to an existing single-family detached home. Some notable features found in this home include:

- An indoor basketball court

- An indoor pool

- 12.5’ ceiling heights

- 25’ ceiling heights in the Great Room and Kitchen

- En-suite baths and walk-in closets for each individual bedrooms

Applications used: AutoCAD

Deloraine Ave

Complete renovation to an existing property.


Complete renovation of an existing home. Due to the narrow nature of the structure, careful placement of furniture and interior partitions were required in order to still create the feeling of separate spaces in a more open concept style home. A notable feature of this home is the 2-way fireplace that separates the dining room from the living room.

Applications used: AutoCAD

Pine Ridge Dr

Complete renovation to an existing property.


A complete renovation to an existing property. Unique to this home is that it has 2 separate living units that are joined in the middle with a single door. Both units act as their own and have separate front doors. Each side is designed specifically for the needs of the residents living in each side.

Application used: AutoCAD

Examples of renders from projects

Ryerson University

Application used: AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop